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Learn The benefits Of hydrotherapy and maintain your independence.

Everyone can use a walk in tub no matter what age. From injury rehab to limited mobility a walk in tub can be a life changer.

 My name is Bob Ashworth, General Manager of Affordable Tubs, LLC.

 As a senior I appreciate being able to bath safely! No more lifting my foot 17 inches and taking the chance of slipping in the tub or stepping out and hoping I don't slip break my hip.

As my 97 year old mothers care giver, I can rest easily knowing she can bath safely on her own! How about that, being able to stay in her home as long as possible.

Let's talk about the pleasure and health benifets as recommended by many doctors. Relief from muscle soreness, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, better blood circulation and peace of mind knowing you can get in and out of the tub safely!



Call me today so I can tell you about how easy it is to
get your Affordable walk in tub. 855-359-5525

Let us bring our mobile showroom to you so you can see the quality of our tubs and see how easy it is to have one in your home.

  • One day installation by a licensed plumber
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Installs in exsisting tub space
  • Hydro-theraputic, helps joint and muscle soreness
  • Affordable
  • Independence